About Gaudet Trees

Who We Are:

Gaudet Trees is a Family-owned company growing trees exclusively. We have a selection of deciduous trees that compliment the evergreens which are our specialty.


What We Do:

In the spring we plant thousands of trees which also coincide with our spring dig of nursery stock. We fill small containers of trees from either out of the seed / transplant beds or from one the plantation. Larger stock is mechanically field dug by either a potting or wire basket spade. After the annual growth has occurred, we resume digging in late August until freeze up. In late fall we distribute real natural Christmas trees, wreaths, and other accessories from our plantation and also from across the continent to retailers, for the festive season.


How it Starts:

These trees are started from selected superior stock. The seed from some of the specialty trees we offer come from far away distant lands which are acclimatized to the same cold climate we grow them in. Then for the following eight to 15 plus years are care for extensively. When it implies Christmas trees, this constant care and attention to detail produces the thick and full foliage which distinguishes cultured trees from an untended natural tree in the forest.


How we get them to you:

Shipping throughout Western Canada and the North West Territories occurs throughout the active seasons by bus, post, and courier, sometimes our own trucks are used but generally by commercial carrier into those 53' trailers you always see on the open road.


What's Important to Us:

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we endeavor to preserve the flora and fauna throughout the three creeks and wetlands which flow through our land base. All kinds of wildlife frequent these areas ranging form muskrats, beaver, cranes, waterfowl, deer, elk, moose, bears, woodpeckers, ground squirrels, snakes, badgers, foxes, coyotes, wolves, hawks, owls, and most of the more common animals and birds which abound our region on the transition of the parkland to the boreal forest.


Our Involvement:

We are also involved in various agroforestry themes involving Aspen, Larch, Firs, Pines, Poplars, Spruces and Willows. These are potential long-term (20 year +) green crops of the future. Other initiatives we have been experimenting with include numerous species of shrubs and trees in afforestation, hedging, shelterbelts, silvo-pasture, windbreaks and fiber plantations.

There are never dull moments in our pursuit of perfection, we strive to seek out answers to questions not through of yet, which are critical to ensuring a successful outcome. Much of the experimentation is no financially profitable, yet after years of working towards implementing ideas and initiatives, we are still pursuing these endeavors. We are partnered up or consulting with the following agencies in research projects:

  • Canadian Forest Service
  • Forestry Departments of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec
  • Saskatchewan Agriculture, Food and Rural Revitalization
  • Saskatchewan Environment Resource Management
  • Saskatchewan Forest Centre
  • Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Association - Indian Head Shelterbelt Centre
  • United States Department of Agriculture - Forestry Service
  • University of Saskatchewan - Soil Sciences

Through our site, you will see how we endeavor to supply you with the quality products of highest caliber, we hope to make your experience in dealing with us enjoyable for many years into the future.

If you are planning a visit to the Prince Albert area and would like tour through our facilities and plantation, a simple call into our office (306) 922-1052 a few days ahead of time is all that's required. During the festive part of December, you're most welcome to drop by our Christmas tree lot situation on the corner of 15th Street and 2nd Ave west.


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