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Balsam Firs

Balsam Fir is the King of the Christmas trees. There are so many wonderful reasons why. The general fullness, soft green needles, excellent form, needle retention and a remarkable bouquet makes this one of the main choices among the general public.

Balsam Fir needles are flat and green on top with a silver-bluish tinge underneath the rounded tip ends. They are soft an typically shorter than one inch long. When you grasp a handful of these needles in the later part of the year and pull your hand through them, you would be quite surprised at the pleasant fragrance which most always bring a smile and a comment. The needle retention is better than average on this tree, but you can expect some shedding for the first few days (in your home). The shedding is the result of old needles letting go of the tree. One of the advantages of these needles is that they tend to be user-friendly to vacuums.

The bark on the Balsam Fir is very smooth with a gray, brown and purple appearance, with sometimes blisters of pitch appearing. Talking of pitch, we clean our hands (and sometimes areas of clothing) with citrus type hand cleaners which you can find in most hardware stores.

This can be a very thirsty tree, depending upon the conditions starting each fall. When we have a 7-8' maximum density tree displayed in our living room, the tree generally consumes 4 liters of water in the first 36 hours, with an additional 4 liters per day for another week or so until water consumption levels off. Over the course of the 23 days, when we usually have our tree displayed, these Balsam Firs can drink over 50 liters of water! This makes the tree stand selection very important.

In their natural setting, Balsam Fir is a twilight tree. When you see a beautiful forest at maturity, this particular species is just beginning to make its appearance amidst the 5 or 6 inches of moss on the forest floor. They can attain a height of 80 feet or so. As they mature, they take on the shape of a lance, similar to what mounted knights armed themselves with while in engaged in a joust.

The Balsam Fir is a wonderful Christmas tree. It retains its needles and has a pleasant shape. It also has an enjoyable scent.









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