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Christmas Trees Species & Grades

Gaudet Trees is both a grower and distributor of Christmas Trees, Accessories and Nursery Stock.

We are able to supply your Christmas tree lot, or lots, with a wide selection of natural trees as well as the required accessories; making their sale easy and profitable for you.

We deliver direct to your lot anywhere in Western Canada and the Northern Territories.

To help you select the mix of trees for your lot, you can peruse the Christmas tree category links provided below, under Christmas Tree Species.

Grade Particulars:

  • Premium Grade: Dense and/or typically uniform on no less than 3 sides, with minor imperfections.
  • No. 1 Grade: Medium density, uniform on 3 sides, with minor imperfections, stem partially visible.
  • Standard Grade: Lighter in density and color, nice on two sides with visible gaps and imperfections with the stem is sometimes visible.
  • Natural Grade: Open tree with space between branches, nice tree has a completely natural look with visible stem.

Size of Trees

  • Canadian Standards: Measured by height and sized from the ground to a midway point between the tip of the leader and the uppermost whorl (group of branches).
  • USA Standards: Measures the entire length of the tree, from the butt to the tip of the leader (top most branch).
  • Considerations: Most trees we provide are produced either in our plantations or in other bitterly cold regions of Canada. A small portion originates in the USA, such as some Pine and Fir. This variance in standards may result in marginal differences in actual tree height.

Christmas Tree Species

You will find links below to product galleries and descriptions of the different species and grades of Christmas trees that we sell and distribute. *Note: not all are listed on our website but can be found in our catalogue

Identifying Tags

Our trees are individually tagged for both standardization and to prevent confusion. We print on 16 colors to assist you in product differentiation. Each tag also has a number code identifying source of origin.


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