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CONFIRMATION & ORDER PROCEDURES - All orders shall be subject to approval at company's main office. A letter of confirmation or an invoice will be sent out shortly after receiving your order. Payment Terms will be indicated on all invoices. Payment procedures must follow in accordance to time-lines specified. Interest of 1.5% per month charge on past due accounts.

ORDER CHANGE POLICY - The first change is free. An administration fee of $25.50 may be charged on each additional order change requested.

CANCELLATION POLICY - This company strives to ensure that you will receive 100% of your order. Cancellations cause many lost hours of preparation of your order in addition to more administrative hours to process a cancellation along with additional time required to making required adjustments to inventory, therefore, your 25% deposit will be forfeited.

CREDIT APPLICATION - Available in the centerfold or downloaded on our website.

FEDERAL AND PROVINCIAL SALES TAX - The company is required to collect both federal and provincial sales tax, (PST pertains to Saskatchewan customers only) unless the customer provides either a tax exempt number. 

*Don't apply to accessories, shipping or handling








Contractors - Developers - Government
*Discounts do not apply to wholesales paid by credit card




CHRISTMAS WHOLESALE - Discounts will apply only if your order is received on or before September 15th and your account is paid in full by the due dates in form of cash or cheque. We do not provide discounts if paid by credit card. Discounts apply on to Christmas trees, not on accessories or freight.





3% Discount

4% Discount

5% Discount


DEFAULT - If you are in default of this Agreement, we may, on notice to you, demand immediate payment of all indebtedness, and/or delivery of any or all products. Should the purchaser fail to pay by the due date(s), he/she shall be deemed in default of this agreement, and the company shall, as its option, after five days following written notice of default, be entitled to all expenses, costs, plus legal fees that are incurred in pursuing enforcement. In the event any action is brought in relation to this agreement, the action will be governed by the laws of the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

SHIPMENT TERMS - PROCEDURES - BARRIERS - The company shall use the best efforts to meet requested shipping dates, but such dates shall be deemed estimates only. The company shall bear no responsibility for delays in shipment or delivery resulting from causes beyond the control of the company. The customer shall have the right to select a specific agent for shipment of goods purchased provided that notice of the identity of each shipper shall be given to the company prior to the company's confirmation of the customer's order. All risk of loss shall pass to the purchaser upon shipment of products. Demurrage charges shall be the sole responsibility of the purchase. We utilize several types of load dividers to separate orders when the truck has multiple drops. It is your responsibility to insure that the barrier between orders is not breached and you or your group only unload items ordered.

PRODUCTS POINT OF ORIGIN - We endeavor to supply you with us much natural product from our farm as possible. You should be aware that some of these products come from the other farms and regions other than our own.

CLAIMS FOR QUALITY, DAMAGE OR SHORTAGE - Notice of any claim of product shortage shall be given by noting such claims on the delivery receipt of the time of delivery. The number count is considered final after the shipping list is signed. Claims for quality or damage which is discovered on delivery or in the exercise of reasonable care could have been discovered within seventy-two (72) hours of the time of delivery. In the event of claim, the purchaser must submit this documentation in writing via fax (306) 922-8733 or Email within 72 hours of receiving your order. If product is damaged, send pictures and hold products until verification takes place by the Company. In the absence of notice provided in the manner set forth in this paragraph, purchasers will be deemed to have waived any claims.


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