Ideas from the Nursery Desk

  • When selecting plant materials, the following snippets are why it’s such a great idea to plant trees and shrubs. 
  • Trees enhance almost any environment such as the beautification of golf courses, parks, boulevards, cityscapes, residential landscapes and general development. 
  • Trees provide shade from the sun, shelter from the winter winds thus reducing cooling & heating bills. Create additional environments and attract wildlife. These endeavors result in increased property values.
  • Planting non-typical or unusual species adds biodiversity Planting non-typical or unusual species adds biodiversity to your immediate environment. The establishment of many diverse species promotes the added benefits of buffering against the onslaught of significant pestilence issues. These issues may threaten the monocultural species of your area. With broader diversity comes further checks and balances providing additional natural buffers to assist in protecting what already exists in your local environment. One ought to consider this one aspect of biodiversity not only from an aesthetic perspective but also as an environmental safety check-valve. Adding different species sooner than later will most likely pay handsome rewards years down the road. 
  • Lure your residents away from flat-screens with inviting places to get physical. Get the children of your communities involved and start planting, entice them to get onboard and make it fun. They will feel a deep attachment to this place for the rest of their life, leave a tribute for the earth. Establish walkways, jogging paths and adventuresome biking trails. Getting under the natural protection of large shade trees enable you to ditch the umbrellas and sunscreen. Trees also can provide shelter from the cool evening breeze. Provide great spaces so your neighbors have an opportunity to meet. 
  • Make it larger than life, have the local business community contribute the shovels, wagons, water hoses, buckets, soil if required and what ever else you can dream of, create it and they will come and stay. 
  • Choosing and implementing new policies can be daunting. How adventurous are you prepared to be? Standing out in the crowd isn’t such a bad thing you know, especially if it’s unselfish. Think of the generations to come, wouldn’t it be nice to have more green spaces than what already exists! 
  • Watch your place grow! Create a visual and environmental impact; trap pollution, carbon dioxide and provide us all with oxygen so that the world may continue to exist. Start small - dream big. 
  • If you have questions, we'd be happy to assist you in your plans, provide you with suggestions, in addition to a sustainable long term source of extra premium trees. As a reminder, we also carry those Christmas trees or accessories for your favorite clients’ halls or foyers. 
  • As always, these past years have been bustling with activity. We’re always here during the week, busy with the many different aspects of our endeavors. As has always been our policy, we are here for you.

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