Shipping Calculator

Follow this example to determine Space & Weight requirements of your order:

  • If ordering Colorado Spruce (which is a conifer) see TABLE 2
  • In this example we’ll select a tree 60 inches tall and determine it comes in a #25 pot (think of 25 gallons)
  • Use TABLE 1 to calculate #25 pot dimensions and filled weight
  • A #25 pot is 22 inches wide x 17 inches tall with a weight of 277 pounds.
  • Complete our ORDER FORM with all tree & shrub quantities desired, then multiply the dimensions and weights as noted above to determine the total size and weight of your order.
  • BE A GOOD ENGINEER - measure the dimensions of vehicle’s Cargo Area twice (truck & trailer, etc.) and load correctly once.
  • WEIGHT - ensure you do not exceed your vehicle carrying capacity --check your G.V.W. [gross vehicle weight] usually stamped in the drivers door area or your vehicle owners manual & also near the trailer hitch.

Please click link below to download the complete 'Shipping Calculator" file.

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