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Dear Customer,

We are a small business, all born and raised in Saskatchewan. Beginning as a commercial honey business dating from 1983 to producing 1/3 of a million lbs of honey annually. In 1989 we diversified into trees and repeatedly planted in excess of 20,000 seedlings. In 2000 we narrowed our focus and have since only grown, dug and cut trees.

It was decided right from the beginning that we would leave a forest behind and not clear all the plantation blocks. Today the land-mass is teaming with wildlife where we are now the visitors prompting us to carry whistles and spray just in case we startle...

One of our two billboards along Hwy #11 between Saskatoon & Prince Albert will be re-branded with “ REWILD - BRING NATURE BACK” to encourage society to begin that exact process. We all have the capacity to make a difference!

We have some firsts behind us:

  • First to introduce thousands of Balsam Fir and Meyers Spruce as a nursery product
  • Several 1st Place finishes in Christmas tree competitions
  • Provider of Legislature trees in more than one jurisdiction

By appointment, nursery products are available for pickup or delivery direct from our plantations starting the last week of April until early October. November is when we ship Christmas trees and all the festive joy they impart. Our products are annually shipped from the Winnipeg area all the way to Whitehorse and Yellowknife in those tractor trailers we see on the open road.

It’s only timely to inform you that we’ve had to love what has been undertaken over several decades with many hundred day shifts inclusive of 300 hour months. Literally breathing it all in. Significant reasons were in pursuit of excellence and our commitments to you.

In year one, a semi of forty five gallon drums filled with 650 pounds of honey left the loading dock. The bee business had a lot of live colonies which at the height of the season would have a population of 66 million pollinators.

The larger Christmas tree lots we supply have product with an average age of 12 years; do the math and discover lots with a thousand trees are actually providing more the 14 thousand years of carbon sequestration and in doing so provided a real natural habitat. It took a 1,000 people over the years and with those many pairs of hands, we made the world a better place.

On the inside of our Prince Albert Christmas tree retail lot sign is a hand painted ribbon border with the following “Special Thanks to all past & present staff who’ve given of themselves”. Soon we’ll pull back and slide towards the next phase of our lives and as the expression goes, we’ll be gone fishing.

Looking through our catalogue may prompt questions about our products, please call us for further information. We hope to make your experience in dealing with us enjoyable. Enjoy your life’s adventures...

Cheers from us:

Ray & Kelly Gaudet, Anne Bitschy

P.S. Lets go green!!!