Do It Yourself 1-2-3's

Here's the 1 2 3 on yard/site design! Your self-directed process....

Download the following:

Here's the 1-2-3

#1 - Catalogue

#2 - Planting & Care (read three times)

#3 - Shipping Calculator (measure twice, load once)

#4 - Characteristics of Trees (print / highlight choices)

#5 - Site Assessment Questionnaire (print / complete)

#6 - Services Offered (determine DIY or call us)

#7 - Order Forms (print/complete your shopping list)

#8 - Find Us (print map & arrive prepared)

#9 - Consultation Request (print/complete/submit)

As your journey begins, read #1 through #9. Check-off your wish list in the Catalogue & Characteristics of Trees, complete the Site Assessment and draw out your design objectives. Fill in the order forms and write down all questions. Search Google for the answers; want to know what the trees and shrubs look like, use Google Images to see examples. Following this process will allow you to get it right. If you need detailed help download #9 - Consultation Request


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